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Simple no nonsense ingredients of just the right combination leaves your skin soft and nourished.  Delicate pleasing aroma won't overpower your senses  - or anyone else's.
Ingredients; almond oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils.

 1 jar  8 oz. each.........$15.50 plus shipping

A time honored favorite for many, the hand crocheted washcloth is preferred because of its "thick and soft" qualities.  An ideal cleaning or bathing companion.  Made from 100% cotton.
Sizes and trim vary but average size is 7" x 9".
Have a specific color in mind?  You can make a special request for the color of your choice.  Email us at or call 503-755-2126.

2 washcloths for $6.00 
+ shipping
specify color choice on check-out page.

rose scented cream

baby powder scent

lavender scented cream
honeysuckle scented cream

strawberry scented cream

coconut scented cream
unscented cream  
(Highly recommended
for anyone with
allergies or 
sensitive skin.)

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green and ivory opposites
variegated matching set
purple, green and red
Aprons and cloths and creams and candles
Rugs and rippers and ladles with handles
Braided and crocheted while we all sing
These are a few of our favorite things.

Pinafores, Dresses, Jumpers and Aprons
Pinafores, Dresses, Jumpers and Aprons
Well made, adorable and flattering.  These handmade pinafores, dresses, jumpers and aprons are made to your order in the fabrics listed below.   Please specify style of apron and fabric choice on the check-out page.
women's apron
sizes 10/12, 14/16, 18/28
$25.00 + ship.

girl's apron
sizes 3/4, 5/6, 7/10
$20.00 + ship.

young ladies
barn apron
$20.00 + ship.

​girls denim jumper
size 8/10   $25.00 + ship.

girls jumper
size 12/14  $25.00 + ship.

ladies half apron
one size
$18.00 + ship.
girls prairie dress  
size 3/5   $30.00 + ship.

girls prairie dress 
size 6/8   $35.00 + ship.

girls prairie dress
size 10/14    $40.00 + ship.

girls pinafore
size 3/5 $20.00+ ship.

girls pinafore
size 6/8 $25.00 + ship.

girls pinafore
size 10/14   $30.00 + ship.

Style and fabric choices below.  Please add your choice to the comments box when ordering.  Custom measurements can be obtained when ordering or by calling Lamb's Haven Farm at 503 755-2126
prairie dress and pinafore
front and back
girls jumper
barn apron
collared apron
flounced apron
half apron
bandanas /denim
farm chores/red gingham
strawberries / green trim
watermelon/green trim
rodeo W/ red bandana
cherries w/ polka dots on black
butterfly garden large/butterfly garden small
peppers/yellow polka dots
orange roses/orange polka dots
lavender floral
springtime floral
vintage green
 blue gerbera daisies
farm animals
horse herd
Any garment can be made using any of the fabrics below.  Aprons are trimmed, dresses are not trimmed. If  you need help custom ordering your fabric choice please email us at or call 503-755-2126.

Click on any fabric square to view the fabric gallery.
*variegated orange
*variegated pink
*solid orange
*or request a color
Grandma Martin's Braided Rugs
 These seam rippers will be passed down for generations.  High quality, handcrafted seam rippers made of wood  or acrylic.  Comfortable in your  hand and more beautiful in person, these seam rippers are a functional tool for the seamstress as well as a piece of art for the collector.  They will make  a cherished gift to yourself or for your loved one.  
When ordering a double ripper tell us what material you would like it made from on the check-out page.
When ordering a  single ripper  tell us what number ripper and what material you would like it made from on the check-out page.
All hand braided from repurposed bedsheets, these area rugs are sure to be a conversation starter in your home.  The pictures don't do justice to how pretty these rugs are and how soft they are below your feet.
Order colors available or request the colors you need to match your homes décor.
Round rugs average about 30" and oval rugs average about 20" x 30".
Please specify shape and colors on check out page.
$30.00 each
Environmentally safe soy candles poured into canning jars.  Each 'jar candle' comes with it's lid for snuffing.  Two sizes, large   6oz. and small   4oz.

large soy candle
$8.00 + shipping

small soy candle
$6.00+ shipping
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Seam Rippers
purple swirl acrylic
grey pearl
pink pearl
double ripper
51/4" when closed
61/4" when opened on large end
6" when opened on small end
single ripper 1
41/2" closed
51/4" open
single ripper 2
43/4" when closed
51/2" when open
single ripper 3
4" when closed
5" when open
single ripper 4
43/4" when closed
41/2" when open
photo shows rippers when closed
double seam ripper
$35.00 + ship.
single seam ripper
$30.00 + ship.
Please view the gallery below to choose the material you would like your seam ripper made from.  Have a specific color in mind?  We do special orders, just let us know on the check-out page.  Click on any image to begin.