Making The Pens............................
The pens are manufactured a small shop next to our home.wood is carefully chosen and cut... .....into rectangular blocks.  These blocks of wood will become the pens.A hole is drilled.......throught the center of each piece of wood.Each piece is carefully evaluated throughout the process.A metal sleeve fits into the previously drilled hole.  These are the metal sleeves ready to go into the pen pieces.If there is more than one kind of wood on the pen the pieces are fixed together before they go onto the lathe.The wood is fitted on to the lathe.Each section of the pen is hand turned on the lathe.The process of hand turning.A piece before lathing and a piece after lathing.This is a pen near completion.The pieces are sanded and polished while they are still on the lathe.Polishing.The pen is then put on a press to mount the tip.The tip has been mounted to this part of the pen.Mounting of the other end of the pen.The pen piece goes back to the press to insert the ink cartridge receiver......this is a second sleeve and is where the ink cartridge fits into the pen.Once again the crafting of the pen is evaluated.The ink cartridge is fitted in to the penNow the pen is put together and tested for function.At last the pen is put together!
The pen before and after!A Gary Buzzell Family Pen in every hand!
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